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CHEMSEARCH is an Otago based Health and Safety Consultancy that supplies first class services to a wide variety of clients throughout New Zealand. Locally these include Otago University, Dunedin Public Hospital, Oceana Gold, Cadbury Ltd and AgResearch Invermay.

Through CHEMSEARCH you will have access to specialists with years of experience in providing a high standard of service to wide variety of industries.

CHEMSEARCH is a member of the New Zealand Association of Consulting Laboratories and the New Zealand Institute of Safety Management (Committee member).
Capability Statement:
CHEMSEARCH can provide comprehensive occupational health and safety system resources, monitoring services, auditing and chemical consultancy to meet a wide variety of needs. These include:
(a) Hazard ID: Working with staff to identify hazards, undertake risk assessment and classify if the hazard is significant or not.
(b) Accident Reporting and Investigation: Existing protocols are examined and evaluated. If required these are brought up to current best practice guidelines. CHEMSEARCH can provide accident investigation services as required.
(c) Auditing: CHEMSEARCH has a New Zealand Safety Council Accredited Auditor and two ACC WSMP approved auditors. Chemsearch has experience in health and safety management within a WSMP and Partnership Programme environment and in audit preparation. Our auditing services can be designed to suit your workplace health and safety system. Chemsearch can carry out workplace audits consistent with ACC WSMP procedures to ensure that your company is fulfilling its obligations under this programme and to prepare the organization for external audits. Any corrective actions required, are designed to conform to this programmes requirements.
(d) Ergonomics & Workstation Assessments: CHEMSEARCH has a specialist ergonomic consultant that can provide ergonomic advice for industry and office based workplaces. Meghan Storey has extensive experience providing Work Place Assessment Services. The workstation assessments include three steps: hazard identification of the workstations, assessment of risk and the development of relevant recommendations and standards from the Department of Labour, ACC and other relevant professional body recommendations. As part of the assessment process Meghan provides training and advice for self assessment and management of discomfort and pain. A written detailed Workstation report on staff members who report issues and recommendations and advice to staff on the correct setup and use of any equipment recommended is completed and submitted.
(e) Behaviour Based Safety: Meghan Storey has managerial experience in implementing a behaviour centred safety program within a manufacturing environment. Through the development and implementation of a behaviour based safety program Meghan has achieved significant incident reduction for clients, including the establishment of a behaviour based safety culture. Chemsearch can design and deliver a behaviour based safety program that is tailored to the needs of your company
(f) Education and Training: John Watson has a great deal of experience in this area having taught at Otago Polytechnic as a specialist lecturer in Environmental Science (National Diploma in Science 1999-2002) and Otago University. John continues to teach at Otago University providing specialist lectures in the area of Quality Control in Chemical Analysis and Air Quality Testing. Chemsearch can provide comprehensive training and education where this is necessary and can pro-actively embark on Health and Safety Education programmes to ensure all staff are aware of best practice guidelines for their area of work as well as being kept up to date with changes to the Health and Safety in Employment Act and its amendments. Meghan Storey also has experience in delivering a wide variety of training programmes.
(g) Multimedia: Chemsearch can produce induction DVD’s on your site tailored to meet your requirements.
(a) Meghan Storey:
Meghan’s qualifications include international training and experience in the health & safety field. This includes a designation as a Canadian Registered Safety Professional, a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, a certificate of Occupational Health & Safety, and designation as a Certified Athletic Therapist, specializing in the assessment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries.

During the last seven years Meghan has been employed within Health and Safety management in the manufacturing industry. Meghan has employed her training in human biomechanics and musculoskeletal injuries to become a specialist in workplace ergonomics and employee return to work programs. Meghan has extensive experience developing and delivering health and safety related training. Currently Meghan is a health and safety and ergonomic specialist with Chemsearch Ltd.

Meghan is passionate about health and safety and genuinely motivated to creating a positive working culture for clients focused on the promotion of employee health, safety, and wellness

(b) John Watson:
John has a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, a post graduate qualification in Occupational Health and 25 years experience in a large range of industries including Dept of Health, Otago University, ICI NZ Ltd. John has also recently achieved Graduate status in the New Zealand Institute of Safety Management Professional Development programme.

John has extensive experience in Laboratory Management, having managed a commercial laboratory on behalf of Otago University for eleven years. His experience in this area makes him very familiar with the type of health and safety challenges faced by science based industries.

John has twelve years experience acting as a technical auditor for International Accreditation New Zealand. Auditing a wide range of laboratories throughout New Zealand against ISO 17205.

John is an experienced auditor for ACC in the WSMP programme, giving him up to date knowledge of the requirements of these programmes. John also has extensive experience in workplace air quality monitoring and is able to provide onsite testing to provide compliance with New Zealand Workplace Exposure Standards.

(c) Associates to Chemsearch:
Chemsearch has a number of associates who are specialists in a wide variety of fields including noise monitoring, audiometry, spirometry and occupational medicine. These specialists are available to work collaboratively through Chemsearch where required.
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