CHEMSEARCH can offer a comprehensive ergonomic evaluation of your workplace including statistical evaluation of musculoskeletal injury (MSI) incidence to enable identification of risk factors.

Workplaces and tasks can be redesigned ergonomically to reduce the incidence of musculoskeletal injury to your employees.

Ergonomics & Workstation Assessments:

CHEMSEARCH has a specialist ergonomic consultant that can provide ergonomic advice for industry and office based workplaces. Kristen Gawn has extensive experience providing Workplace Assessment Services. The workstation assessments include three steps: hazard identification of the workstations, assessment of risk and the development of relevant recommendations and standards from Worksafe.

As part of the assessment process Kristen provides training and advice for self assessment and management of discomfort and pain. A written detailed Workstation Report on staff members who report issues is completed and submitted. This report also includes recommendations and advice to staff on the correct setup and use of any suggested equipment.