Whole Body Vibration or WBV is the vibration that is transmitted through your entire body while operating a vehicle. The vibration can be transmitted through your seat or through your feet while standing on a vibrating platform. WBV is most commonly (but not limited to) the following industries:
• Mining
• Farming
• Construction
• Trucking
• Helicopter pilots

Health Concerns from exposure to WBV

Exposure to high levels of WBV has been shown to cause the following health concerns
• Lower back and neck pain
• Digestive system
• Reproductive effects

Measurement of WBV

A disk containing a tri-axial accelerometer is placed on the operator’s seat or under the operator’s feet (if standing on a work platform). The measurement takes about 30 minutes. The triaxial accelerometer measures the vibration in 3 axes simultaneously. The x-axis (forward and back), the y-axis (side to side) and the z-axis (up and down). The results are then compared to the following exposure limits:

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Measurements are taken to comply with the following standard:
AS 2670.1:2001. (2001). Evaluation of Human Exposure to Whole Body Vibration, Part 1: General Requirements.